All naturally dried and hand perfected-leaf and stem of Artemisia Annua ( Sweet Wormwood, Sweet Annie,) dried plant.Tea is the most recommended usage as the body has the best absorption rate with drinking tea. A powerful aroma with a slight herbal scent that is almost similar to a mint/ peppermint freshness but has a distinct strong aroma.


An interesting piece of research about Wormwood...

“Artemisinin is a globally recognized remedy for malaria derived from sweet wormwood, a plant used in TCM. Tu Youyou, the Chinese scientist who turned to ancient Chinese medical texts to find artemisinin, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015.” TCM for Coronavirus

Many research breakthroughs are currently being discovered about how antimalaria medications are helping cure COVID-19. A common ingredient in these medications is..

Artemisinin>> (WORMWOOD HERB) 


Benefits of Wormwood Herb:

The most impressive benefits of wormwood herb include its ability to prevent fungal infections and defend against malaria, among others.


One of the active ingredients in this herb is a substance called artemisinin, which is well known to combat malaria in tropical regions of the world. By functioning as an antioxidant and destroying the cell walls of the malaria parasite, using this herb in moderate doses can be an excellent first line of defense against this deadly disease. The anti-parasitic nature of this herb works on other unwanted parasites as well.

Crohn’s Disease:

Numerous studies have now shown that regular supplementation with wormwood herb can, in some cases, eliminate the need for steroids in patients with Crohn’s disease, as the herb can help to improve overall gut health.


Artemisia Annua – Sweet Wormwood – Sweet Annie Tea preparation:


Use 1 heaped large spoon of dried-leaves and stem tea per large cup and add hot water.


Let the tea sit in boiling water for 15 – 30 minutes.


Once cooled down, strain with a mesh strainer and drink. The best strainers are bamboo, wood or plastic. Avoid aluminium strainers! Metal strainers are ok.


Now, it's potential for using with COVID patients, is unproven & the powers that be, of course don't want the people using YOU make up your mind--Do your own research please.


STUDIES: Artemisia annua extracts show very little toxicity...

“Given the similarities between those two viruses, plant extracts and artemisinin derivatives need to be tested against the new coronavirus and this international collaboration makes it possible,” continued Seeberger.


The cell study testing will be conducted in research institutions in Denmark and Germany with the plant extract from Artemisia annua and pure derivatives isolated from the plant such as artemisinin. Treatments containing an artemisinin derivative, artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), are now standard treatments worldwide for malaria. Artemisia annua extracts show very little toxicity and artemisinin-based drugs are widely used to treat malaria even in newborns.

ArtemiLife Inc., a US based company, is providing the necessary plant material for the studies. "We've been studying Artemisia annua and cultivating our fields with agriculture experts in Kentucky over the past few years. We’re privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in these studies," said Adam J. Maust, ArtemiLife Inc. CEO.


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Blood pressure for fluctuation, diarrhea, constipation, gynaecological disorders, nervous system problems, digestive problems, prostate disorders, fever pain and inflammation reduction, respiratory diseases.

General Detoxification, Chron’s disease – Immunization, – Viral and bacterial infections as well as fungal outbreaks.

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