Benefits of White Willow Bark: Nature’s Painkiller


  • Reduces Inflammation.
  • Relieves Pain.
  • Reduces Fever.
  • Helps Stomach Ailments.


By drinking 1-2 cups of white willow bark tea, it is possible to relieve chronic migraines and prevent migraine attacks. According to the findings of the experts at the University of Maryland Medical Center and at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, white willow bark remedies have very gentle and very lasting effects, so this natural treatment can be used even for children.


ALSO....Natural anti-spasmodic health benefits of willow bark assist in combating all kinds of cramps, starting from leg cramps and ending up with stomach cramps.



The Health-Promoting Potential of Salix spp. Bark Polar Extracts:
Key Insights on Phenolic Composition and In Vitro Bioactivity and


Herbal medicine for low‐back pain

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  • Anti-inflammatory pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen cause long-term gastrointestinal damage when used in excess or for long periods of time.

    Meanwhile, white willow bark is shown to be equally effective but without long-term adverse effects, suggesting it may be a better alternative.

    However, white willow bark shouldn’t be taken in doses that are larger than recommended, because it can cause gastrointestinal damage in high amounts.

    White willow bark is not recommended for easing menstrual cramp pain because it may increase bleeding

  • White willow bark is the ancestor of acetylsalicylic acid, which is the active ingredient in aspirin. It’s synthesized from the salicin found in white willow bark, which is a compound shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects. White willow bark has been traditionally used to help reduce pain, fever, and inflammation, and current research suggests it’s as effective as some anti-inflammatory drugs in treating pain.

    White willow bark is a source of cancer-fighting antioxidants and is a natural antidiarrheal. The safety of this medicinal herb suggests it’s a natural remedy that can potentially replace aspirin use.

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