WELLBEING-Recover-Bach Remedy

The EXACT Flower Essences that are in Bach Rescue Remedy


  1. Strength & Wellbeing
  2. Restoring Well Being


A strong and vital energetic blueprint and fully functioning subtle energy system are an important factor in our well-being. The combination in this blend helps to strengthen and support these important areas as well as expelling any old patterns or energetic impurities.



This Remedy is specially formulated to help you through stressful or traumatic situations. Whether it's anxiety over air travel or distress over sudden bad news, This Remedy can help relieve your stress and help you regain your composure. It's safe for people and pets, too!


Recover Remedy is a combination of five different Bach Flower remedies:

  1. Star of Bethlehem (for shock) provides comfort and consolation
  2. Rock Rose (for terror and panic) provides peace and fearlessness
  3. Clematis (for faintness) provides focus
  4. Impatiens (for undue agitation) provides patience
  5. Cherry Plum (for hysteria or loss of self-control) provides calmness and composure

Benefit from the healing power of This Flower Remedy

WELLBEING-Recover-Bach Remedy

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*Cherry Plum



*Rock Rose

*Star of Bethlahem