Watermelon Fruit Extract Powder~SUPER FOOD

Pure Watermelon Powder - All Natural, Additive Free, No Preservatives (as all our Products)


It's a concentrate, so you don't need much :)


  • MANY USES – Watermelon Powder is a fantastic raw product that can be added to wine, juice, bread, baked goods and even candy. Not only can this powder be used to enhance the colour, smell and taste of a product, but can be used to improve the overall nutritional value.
  • WORKOUTS – Are you looking to increase your energy while working out? Watermelon Powder contains citrulline which promotes blood flow in the body and therefore will improve your exercise performance. Watermelon Powder is ALSO an excellent post-workout addition to your smoothie to assist with muscle recovery. It contains electrolytes which offer high amounts of potassium to ensure the proper functioning of your muscles, nerve signals and organs after physical activity.

Watermelon Fruit Extract Powder~SUPER FOOD

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 To name a few, watermelon powder is said to...

  1. improve your immune system,
  2. protect eyesight,
  3. lower cholesterol,
  4. lower blood pressure,
  5. increase the elasticity of your skin,

And may aid in weight loss as it is a higher water soluble fibre.
​​​​​This is a healthy, tasty powder you sure wanna try!

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