PUNCTURE VINE~Herbal Xtract Tincture

Botanical name: Tribulus terrestris

Other names: abrojo, bijili, caltrop, cat's-head, devil's - thorn, devil's-weed, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris, goathead, gokhru.


Tribulus Liquid Xtract 4:1: Bottle With Precision Dropper

High purity this is not a simple extract. It is 4 times stronger than the plain plant. Tribulus has long been used in AYURVEDA medicine. It is a high potency herbal liquid formula & are hand-crafted in small batches, using the tincturing method of Triple extraction-- including a full 8 week maceration period. Our tinctures are designated as 4:1 which simply means they have the optimal extraction of the herb and its medicinal constituents.


Medicinal Uses:

  • Diuretic
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Circulatory stimulant
  • Liver tonic
  • Demulcent-An agent that forms a soothing, protective film when administered onto a mucous membrane surface. For example, mucilage and oils are demulcents that can relieve irritation of the bowel lining.


Tribulus is thought to be beneficial in balancing the endocrine system due to its powerful detoxifying and stimulating effect upon the liver. It boosts testosterone production in both men and women, increasing libido, as well as balancing women's estrogen and progesterone levels. Can assist in erectile dysfunction, as well as increasing sperm count.



Tribulus is also used in Ayurveda to address:

  • kidney issues, including stones
  • painful urination 
  • Bright's disease
  • and as a diuretic 
  • for skin disorders, including
  • eczema
  • scabies, and
  • psoriasis
  • for cardiovascular problems, including
  • angina
  • high cholesterol 
  • hypertension, and anemia
  • for digestive disorders, including
  • colic, flatulence, and constipation
  • for pain and swelling (inflammation) of mouth tissues and sore throat
  • and for certain cancers, especially tumours of the nose.
  • It is popular with athletes, as it is believed to increase performance, stamina, and endurance, although this claim is disputed.


Possible Side Effects of Puncture Vine Extract:

  • Puncture vine extract may cause possible negative health effects in rare cases, and should not be used by those who are pregnant or nursing.
  • In some instances, it can interact with blood pressure medications. Some users may experience an allergic reaction to it as well.

PUNCTURE VINE~Herbal Xtract Tincture

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The word "demulcent" comes from the Latin verb, "demulcere" meaning to soothe or "to caress." Dumulcent herbs work internally to help soothe and protect the mucous membranes in the body, they have a direct action on the lining of the intestines, soothing and reducing irritation by direct contact.

A soothing, usually oily substance is used to relieve pain in inflamed or irritated mucous membranes and protects mucous membrane from further irritation. Demulcents such as pectin, glycerin, honey and syrup are common ingredients in cough mixtures and will coat the throat and relieve the irritation causing the cough. Diabetics need to be careful with these forms of demulcents as they tend to contain high sugar content.

Dumulcent herbs often have a high content of mucilage, and help soothe and protect irritated or inflamed tissues. Mucilage has a very smooth and slippery consistency, it soothes, protects, and heals any mucosal lining it comes in contact with in the body. Because of its sticky texture it can pick up toxins and waste material, carry them out of the body and aid in constipation relief.

A Demulcent is useful to reduce irritation in the intestine, reduce sensitivity of the digestive system to gastric juices, and help to ease the digestive spasms that often cause colic.

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