Tabasheer--Bamboo Silica

Bamboo Silica "Tabasheer"..... Do you want/need a little help with ANXIETY🥺🥺🥺🥺

Try this age old has MANY Medicinal and Thearpauetic Benefits such as Easing ANXIETY/Stress and getting rid of heart palpitations....
Tabasheer--Bamboo Silica (hard crunchy, like coarse salt) is siliceous resin and bamboo exudate, which is a form of herbal silica obtained from female bamboo trees. Vanshlochan-the Tabasheer... secretes from nodes of bamboo trees. 

It is collected from the female bamboo tree’s nodes for therapeutic uses, as used in Ayurvedic Medicine and Unani Medicine...
You can make up a little batch using the directions in the picture above, be sure to use Organic honey and REAL lemon jiuce..then use when needed.





If you suffer from worn joints, muscle stiffness, debilitating pain, reduced mobility, chronic fatigue, a weak and vulnerable body, depression or lethargy...just try this Bamboo Silica and see if it helps!


Why is Organic Silica vital for a healthy life?

Silica is contained in every single cell of the human body, where it plays a protective role. The highest concentrations of silica are found, in decreasing order, in the skeleton, the skin and cutaneous annexes, tooth enamel, aorta, the lens of our eyes, the muscular tissue, the pancreas, the thyroid, liver, kidneys and heart.


Old age brings an inexorable and irreversible slow decline in silica concentration, compounded by the fact that our body is incapable of transforming the mineral silica it ingests into Organic Silica.

The body cannot absorb mineral silica, which means we need to use plants or micro-organisms to achieve this transformation.


We know that it is the high Organic Silica content of Tabasheer Bamboo that gives it its impressive properties to help ease chronic pain and slow the progression of age-related conditions.


Tabasheer--Bamboo Silica

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As a very important ingredient in many Chinese medicines, tabasheer has a wide variety of applications: aphrodisiac in Indian, Chinese, and other Asian cultures; asthma treatment calms mind and benefits eyes childhood convulsive disease clears away heat and cools the blood; clears obscuration from the heart, mind, and lungs

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