SYNAPTOLEPIS KIRKII (Uvuma Omhlopeo) Organic Root Pieces



Synaptolepis kirkii, or uvuma-omhlope, is an African shrub with large white roots.  The roots are said to encourage clear visions, trance states and mental clarity in dreams.  The root is also said to allow communication with one’s ancestors in the dream state, leading to visionary and prophetic dreams. 


  • FAVORITE USE: For inducing trance states and vivid dreams, and for encouraging deep sleep
  • FAVORITE TIME: One hour before going to sleep


Zulus tribes use to produce clear visions during periods of trance. It is a healing plant of the mind. Dreams induced under his influence are wise and allow YOU to see clearly when the real situation is complex, it always seems to be family members alive & passed that come through... It relieves anxiety, has mood lifting properties and prevents impatience.

SYNAPTOLEPIS KIRKII (Uvuma Omhlopeo) Organic Root Pieces

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.... it is said that if you go to sleep after consuming- with a specific question in mind, your ancestors will come to you and give you the answers you desire.