Spirit Mood Blend~MitraSpec

This particular strain ( jong kong) as with all green Kratom strains, is potentially a great way to boost mood and enjoy uplifting experiences according to customer reports.


Paired with a Super Red for "Releaf" you can't go wrong!


It's a good practice to mix up your 🧭routine with these wondrous plants & as I like to tell all my clients....use with OTHER medicinal plants, take breaks and use different strains to keep enjoying the benefits, duration and strength.

Spirit Mood Blend~MitraSpec

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This Green Jongkong has been associated with excellent mood boosting, cognitive function improvement, and alleviation of depressive and states and anxiety.

This Blend is 3/4 Jong Kong and a 1/4 Super Red....high potency strains, so YOU DON'T NEED AS MUCH!

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