Pink Rose🌺Keemun Congou~ Loose Blend Tea


Keemun Congou - has a floral fragrance and an enduring aftertaste.....and when OUR PINK ROSE PETALS ARE ADDED....SUBLIME:)


  1. Keemun tea benefits are numerous & very similar to health benefits of other black tea varieties.
  2. Keemun tea is abundant in antioxidants that help protect its drinkers from many ailments.


  • Keemun tea is a type of black tea that is native to Qimen County, in the Anhui Province of China.
  • Keemun tea comes from a sub-variety of camellia sinensis plant which is named zhu-ye-zhing.
  • This sub-variant contains a unique essential oil, myrcenal, plus certain aromatic elements.
  • Keemun tea grows best in a mountainous area with a forest cover, with colder temperature, high moisture and frequent fog, an atmosphere that's very prevalent in the Anhui province.
  • Keemun tea possesses a distinctive flavor that's a combination of fruity, sweet, mellow and smoky tastes. It also has hints of dried plum, pine, and floral essences.

Pink Rose🌺Keemun Congou~ Loose Blend Tea

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Keemun tea was first made in 1875 by a dismissed civil servant named Yu Quianchen. He traveled to Fujian province after he took an interest in the production of black tea.

He introduced black tea production in Anhui which was then producing only a non-remarkable type of green tea.

The resulting keemun tea proved to be quite popular and it soon made its way outside China, to England and other parts of Europe.