Rhodiola Greens~MitraSpec Blend-SPECIAL ORDER-CONTACT PLEASE



Rhodiola-This adaptogenic herbal stimulant has been used as an energy boosting agent in Russia and China for centuries. It stimulates the nervous system, helps with work, along with combating stress and fatigue.


  • COMBINED with our GREEN Sumatra Strain of Kratom, you can't go wrong!!


  • RHODIOLA ROSEA-is widely used as a remedy for
    fatiguepoor concentration and decreased memory, it's also believed to make workers more productive... research shows that rhodiola can increase attention to detail oriented tasks by improving concentration over a prolonged period.
  • The ideal nootropic rhodiola stimulates your nervous system to help you fight fatigue that stifles memory or mental clarity and studies show it even saves injured neurons and it encourages the growth and development of brain cells and neurogenesis of any kind of fatigue you experience regardless of source.


🎆YOU may say rhodiola rosea is like your magic bullet, once you try!!

Rhodiola Greens~MitraSpec Blend-SPECIAL ORDER-CONTACT PLEASE

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Rhodiola, known in certain circles as the High Performance Biohacker’s Herb.