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The 🌄mountains contain many natural wellness secrets, including a beneficial compound called Shilajit. This product contains almost all of the elements of the periodic table and is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cellular regeneration properties. A substance used in the ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine, a 5,000-year-old method of disease prevention and treatment originating in India and still practiced in many Asian countries.


Shilajit is commonly consumed in supplement form as a tablet but often taken as a paste in its purer form. Ayurveda recommend tasting the herb to adsorb the qualities-

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  • One reason shilajit is such an effective medicinal herb is due to its high fulvic acid content. Fulvic acid has many proven benefits, from improving gut health to keeping skin healthy. This ancient herb contains a huge percentage of fulvic acid and is one of the most common supplements used to increase your intake of this potent acid.


  • Known for 1000's of yrs. as a rejuvenator of the whole body, shilajit has garnered a fairly significant body of research for its impact on various body systems. Consuming shilajit has many positive benefits for a healthy body.


Here is a list and summary of some of Shilajit’s benefits as well as Shilajit’s uses.
There are several studies and research on Shilajit – see links

  1. Promotes overall rejuvenation & detoxification
  2. Boosts brain function and cognitive function
  3. Supports healthy aging
  4. Enhances the potency and bioavailability of other herbs
  5. Maintains balanced blood sugar levels already in normal range
  6. Supports healthy absorption of nutrients
  7. Enhances vigor, vitality, strength & stamina
  8. Revitalizes the libido and reproductive system
  9. Increases healthy fat metabolism
  10. Rejuvenates the tissues of the body
  11. Anti-Stress Agent--For people who suffer from depression, the zinc level is likely to be low.
    Shilajit has a lot of natural ZINC, which is also required by more than 300 enzymes in our body.


⇉How to Use Shilajit

  • Knowing how to take Shilajit is crucial for getting maximum health benefits. As a beginner, you need to start with a very small amount.
  • Finding Your Shilajit Serving size...

    begin by taking a piece about the size of a grain of rice (~100 mg) once per day.

  • In a few days, take the same amount 2-3 times per day.

  • Then gradually increase the amount of Shilajit taken each day-- up to a large pea size (~300 mg) until you achieve the desired benefits.

  • Do not be greatly concerned with getting the portions exactly right or exactly the same each time you take it. Use the same shape (elliptical like rice or round like a pea) each time to ensure that you have a relatively consistent Shilajit daily serving.

⇉By following these recommendations, you will find how much Shilajit you should take.

Factors that will affect how much Shilajit you should take per day include:

  • Body size
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • General health
  • Metabolism
  • Food and other lifestyle choices
  • Benefits sought
  • Your personal molecular chemistry (granted, this one is a mystery!)

⇉As you follow these guidelines for how to take Shilajit, we recommend that you record your experiences.

  • Many find a daily journal of food and activity choices, along with mood and physical feeling, help them discover what Shilajit resin serving works for them.
  • Recording your experience will help you more easily identify what works best for you. When you have 2-3 days in which you feel the benefits you desire, you are on the right amount.
  • Plus, in case you have changes to your routine such as travel or fighting a cold, you should record your experiences on those days, but wait to increase your Shilajit dosage until you are back to your routine.
  • As with any new experience for your body, you may experience undesired effects such as difficulty sleeping or digestive discomfort. These are usually temporary and an indicator that you should step down the Shilajit dosage for a few more days then try to increase the amount taken giving your body more time to adjust. Of course, if you experience any symptom that you would describe as stronger than mild seek consultation with your healthcare professional.


⇉Following the Shilajit recommendations above, remove the appropriate sized portion of your resin & as Ayurveda practitioners recommend, take your Shilajit with one or a combination of the following organic ingredients to increase delivery of the adaptogenic effects to the body:

  1. hot milk (we recommend organic goats milk)
  2. ghee (clarified butter)
  3. raw, unpasteurized honey
  4. sesame oil


⇉When to Take Shilajit?

To maximize absorption, the best time to take your dosage of Shilajit is on an empty stomach in the morning. If you find that Shilajit produces immense energy then don’t take it in the evening as it may cause sleep difficulty for some people.

⇉Shilajit Duration...

Most customers include Shilajit in their healthful living regimen and plan to use it for life. Many find they experience immediate results of increased energy, focused thinking, and increase well-being.

Others report that it took a couple of months to feel the effects or see results.

Raw Shilajit-Mumijo~ RESIN

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1. Provides Energy and Revitalization
For millennia, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have prescribed shilajit to boost energy and revitalize the body. Because of the level of importance these natural doctors put on this supplement, the body of confirmed scientific research on it is growing steadily.

2. Promotes Brain Health
Shilajit seems to have a targeted mechanism for protecting brain cells in particular. Initial studies show it has “distinct and marked neuroprotective activity.”  In a 2013 study conducted by the Physiology Research Center at the Kerman University of Medical Sciences in Iran on the effects of shilajit on risk factors following a traumatic brain injury, researchers discovered that it has positive effects on the three most indicative factors of death following traumatic brain injury: brain edema, blood-brain barrier permeability and intracranial pressure.

3. Regulates Hormones and Immune System
Another important function of shilajit is the way it regulates various body systems, such as your immune system and the balance of hormones. Many researchers agree that it impacts so much of the body because of the way it helps these systems remain in equilibrium.

4. Testosterone in men is the primary sex hormone and it can go off balance for a number of reasons. When it does, it negatively affects men in terms of reduced sex drive, increased general body inflammation and mood swings. The good news is that Shilajit has a positive effect on balancing testosterone...

5. Shilajit helps in restoring libido, soothes the inflammation and control the mood swings. It’s been used from ancient times as a natural testosterone balancer, as it contains amino acids, 82+ minerals, tons of antioxidants and various chemical complexes.

Some of the benefits known to have helped men include:

  • Better erectile capacity
  • Increased sexual performance
  • Stopping hair thinning and promoting hair follicle growth
  • Balancing sex hormones
  • Improves fertility