QUANTUM Scalar~ Orgon Energy EMF 5G Protection

This Quantum Pendant Necklace-Energy stone can produce large amounts of negative ions TO Protect the body from around our computers, cell phones, electrical appliances, telecommunications towers (EMF-5G) and other electromagnetic waves THAT CAUSE IRREVERSIBLE damage the body.


The brain has its own vibrations. The human brain uses these vibrations to communicate within itself and with the rest of the body. There are 4 classifications of brainwaves:

  1. Beta,
  2. Alpha,
  3. Theta and
  4. Delta.

Scalar Energy is able to promote Alpha wave frequency in the brain. The brain then resonates at the same vibration as the earth's energy field and is able to amplify these vibrations. If this frequency is transmitted throughout the body, this could assist the cells in the body achieve a particular resonance, which is essential to optimum health.


Because of the remarkable popularity of Scalar Energy Pendants in the world, there are many business opportunity grabbers who produced inferior quality volcanic pendants in the market.


  1. These, scam pendants are very low in prices but it never produced a scalar energy.
  2. Please be very careful in buying genuine scalar energy pendant.


These Scalar Energy Pendants are 100% made of genuine volcanic minerals and mineral stones. It will immediately restore our body's natural balance through molecular energy resonance technology. It contains powerful volcanic minerals that are structurally bonded together through fission technology. All minerals are carefully selected and bonded to release a large amount of scalar energy that will instantly restore the body's bio-field to align with the earth's bio-field.


Scalar energy also promotes a mind that is..

  1. relaxed,
  2. more coherent,
  3. focused and sharp
  4. with improved clarity.


Pendant size: approx. 42 x 42cm


  • This Energy Stone Crystal is up to 2000-3000 negative ions to form an electric field of the surrounding area... and has a micro-current 0.06mA,
  • bacteria fungi and
  • other organic matter is suppressed in the electric field,
  • decomposition loss of proliferation and propagation conditions.


Benefits of the Quantum Pendant:
1. Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism;
2. Help more perfect nutrients and oxygen delivery to cells and eliminate toxins from the cells, no longer appears the phenomenon of cold hands and feet.
3. Blood thin global supply of energy and reduce viscosity, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke risk.
4. Increase metabolism and promote detoxification and maintain a slim figure.
5. The parts of the body to relieve pain, tension and stiffness.
6. Prevent mental fatigue, to maintain Anshen
7. Improve sleep quality.
8. Enhance mental concentration, help workers achieve better performance at work; Help students to remain calm during the examination, reduce anxiety and enhance attention when review.
9. The need to make long distances or driving better- people often feel more spiritual, will not feel tired or dozing.
10. The body to restore balance and strength, and enhance the flexibility of the body
11. Strengthen the body's bio-energy field to anti-anti-harmful electromagnetic waves
12. Protect the body from from around our computers, cell phones, electrical appliances, telecommunications towers and other electromagnetic waves damage the body to restore balance and coordination.
13. A steady supply of oxygen in the blood, activate blood cells
14. Promote cell activity body, strengthen the immune system
15. Energy stone can produce large amounts of negative ions, so that certain harmful gases and negative chemical reaction low harmful and harmless substances.

QUANTUM Scalar~ Orgon Energy EMF 5G Protection

C$25.99 Regular Price
C$21.05Sale Price

TO Protect the body from around our computers, cell phones, electrical appliances, telecommunications towers and other electromagnetic waves THAT damage the body.

  • Restore balance and coordination.
  • How Does Nano Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant Help?

Nano Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant is created from lava based particles re-combined using Nano-fusion technology into a compound. The 76 minerals in the lava help promote instant strength, improve flexibility, better balance, protection from EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and energize water. It is important to note that the energy that these products have can last for a minimum of 50 years!

Scalar Energys expansive and circular movement offers a field of protective shield around the body. This protective shield removes and cancels the effects of man-made frequencies (60 HZ) on the human body.

This is achieved by enhancing the body's natural defenses against the damaging radiations coming from the various household and industrial appliances that surround us.