PROSPERITY OIL~🍾Egyptian Glass Bottle

I'm not sure what it is....but these bottles cause me great happiness, every single time I look at one!


You will Recieve with your Order...your choice of size PROSPERITY OIL & BOTTLE

(they are packed separetly).

  • 10 or 20ml random, gorgeous Decorative Vial- Egyptian Hand Blown Glass Perfume Bottle 
  • Enhance Your Prosperity Consciousness with this Pure Blessed Oil


Aromatic wealth attraction formulas, like this oil blend, have often been inherited through one's family lineage as a practice for passing on a wealthy💰family's prosperity consciousness and to ensure the family's continued attraction of riches. BLESSED Oils used in this blend...


  1. Palo Santo
  2. Copaiba
  3. Myrrh
  4. Clove
  5. Elemi


  • Prosperity Oils are KNOWN mood enhancers & aphrodisiacs, which assist you in having good feelings & that aura of attraction (that everyone wants) around you.
  • As you well-know when you are feeling good... things naturally seem to go your way in life. Just like a 🧲magnet, the Prosperity Oil works to help you attract wealth & abundance into all areas of your life.


Prosperity Oils works on ALL 4 levels of OUR being: 

  1. physical
  2. emotional
  3. mental and
  4. spiritual


  • For annointing use, either alone or in a synergy blend, magnetizes your electro-magnetic energy fields for attracting abundance while elevating your inner resonance.

PROSPERITY OIL~🍾Egyptian Glass Bottle

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The traditional use of aromatic oils to attract prosperity into one's life has been practiced for thousands of years by some of the world's most renowned cultures.

  • Many of the Prosperity Oils are Tree/Spice Oils known for their potent curative properties.

Throughout history health has been considered the most valuable commodity one could have. So any means to ensure continued "good" health was always highly valued and vigorously sought after.