PEACH BLOSSOM TEARS ~ Chinese Herbal Remedy

Peach gum, peach resin or peach blossom tears - whatever you call them, these glorious amber

💎Gems of natural resin, that are secreted from the peach tree... are not just pretty but nutritious on....


  • Often used in traditional Chinese desserts, these jewel-like drops are rich in soluble fibre. 
  • This anti-aging GIFT from MOTHER NATURE... will help you make a tonic brimming with health-giving ingredients.


They Contain antioxidant & anti-aging properties, and are known to enhance a radiant, youthful complexion when consumed regularly.


When we get older, our collagen production declines...

  • Our skin dulls,
  • Our joints stiffen,
  • Our hair becomes thin & brittle.

Collagen makes up one third of the human body, so when we produce less, it shows.


It’s the main protein of your connective tissue, which includes everything from your

  • muscles and tendons, to your
  • fascia and skin.


WHEN you Increase your collagen intake, it will contribute to:

  1. Glowing skin that’s plump, elastic, and less wrinkle-prone
  2. Strong and shiny hair and nails
  3. Strengthen & Glow with Peach Tears


Health Benefits-for your tummy too!
1. Boosts function of the spleen and stomach.
2. Fibre helps to maintain healthy digestive systems and prevent constipation.

3. Cleanses blood from toxins and helps build up the immune system.
4. These little gems are full of Antioxidants and have Antibacterial properties.


🌳The reason.. I adore peach resin, so much is because it’s an all-natural, unprocessed product that is fun to eat.

🌳Remember the bone broth craze? That was all about collagen. It takes a lot of bones and a lot of time to make bone broth..I lost interest fast!

🌳TRY Peach resin--Just a couple minutes, once they've been soaked.


PEACH BLOSSOM TEARS ~ Chinese Herbal Remedy

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Peach resin is natural hardened sap from the peach tree.

To prepare it, all you have to do is...

  • Soak it in water for 12-24 hours at room temperature.
  • Check on it periodically to make sure it has enough water and room to expand.
  • The resin will grow 300%-400%, so plan your container accordingly!
  • Once you’ve soaked it, clean out the black sediment.
  • No worries...This is just bark that got stuck in the sap as it hardened, there usually isnt much.

And now it’s ready to be used!

  • You can eat it plan, but it won’t taste like much.
  • You can add some of the smaller, softer pieces to your morning yogurt 🥛or afternoon smoothie.