Orthodox Church Incense~  ROSE~Frankincense

Not All of us (unfortunately) know the pleasant aroma of incense, that you can ACTUALLY feel when entering the church/temples.

Now, YOU can...this Orthodox Church Incense is sourced directly from Jerusalem.




  • Incense was one of the gifts that the magi presented to Jesus Christ.
  • Jerusalem incense is considered one of the highest quality. It has a deep rich aroma, does not fume, can be stored for a long time and its fragrance remains in the air for a long time after censing.


  1. In its manufacture, ONLY high-quality aromatic oils are chosen.
  2. Repeating the natural aroma of plants.
  3. Wild Rose is just one of the flowers used in this blend  - combining several scents at once.

Orthodox Church Incense~  ROSE~Frankincense

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...CALM the Body-Mind & SOUL.

  • So soothing, causing immediate relaxation