Restorative Blend-Oatstraw + Red & Green MitraSpec



Avena (oatstraw) is often used as a restorative tonic for anyone who feels chronically tired, stressed, depressed, frazzled, overworked, or exhausted. It nourishes and soothes the nervous system, helping to overcome anxiety, grief.


Oat straw comes from green oats, also known as Avena sativa. It has been used to support brain health since the Middle Ages, and its proponents say it can reduce the risk of heart disease, increase energy, reduce anxiety and improve physical and possibly even sexual performance.


It has been purported to help with the lowering of cholesterol naturally, increasing of vigor and stamina (it has been suggested to people recovering from long-term illnesses as an aid to help rebuild their strength).


The oat seeds carry antispasmodic, cardiac, diuretic, emollient, nervine and stimulant properties.

The straw (dried stems) and the grain have also been prescribed for the treatment of a wide range of nervous conditions.


The plant has also been shown to help with the exhaustion related to neurological pains or herbal treatment for insomnia.


By keeping blood fat levels down, Avena also supports heart health. As a nutritive herb, Oats and Oatstraw are high in phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, and manganese. Avena also contains abundant B vitamins, which the body rapidly loses during times of stress--another reason why this plant makes such a nice nerve tonic.  Plus, Oats contain the mineral silica, which supports the growth of healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Restorative Blend-Oatstraw + Red & Green MitraSpec

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Oat straw contains protein (avenins), saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids, steroidal compounds, vitamins B1, B2, D, E, carotene, starch, and fat.
It also contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron and trace elements like silicon and potassium.