All NATURAL Plant Sprays

Use these Natural Plant Formula made with essential oils, to safely ward off unwanted pests, and nurture your indoor ❀ and outdoor plants. 


  1. I give you the Essential Oil Blends to create a NON-Toxic Invironment inside & (outside) YOUR HOME, to ward off those nasty little critters!
  2. All YOU need to do is... Add 40 drops-of the Blend to a 16 ounce spray bottle filled with DISTILLED WATER & a titch of Castille soap (dont have castille)? in a pinch use a couple drops of dish soap.


1. Indoor Blend ~ 15ml


2. Outdoor Blend (much stronger) ~ 15ml

All NATURAL Plant Sprays

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  1. Use a microfiber cloth to remove any dust on plants.
  2. Spray💦directly to the soil and to the leaves of any indoor plant.
  3. Use every 5-7 days, or as needed. 

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