• Mulungu is a rain-forest ETHNO-botanical that deserves a heap more attention that it gets!
  • Dual Extracted For Maximum Potency!
  • One of the main effects of Mulungu is a strong physical sense of well-being, or state of mind. It is experienced as very pleasant warmth and tingling in the body. 
  • It is this pleasant feeling that works as well as an appetite suppressant. You feel so good you don't want to eat. 
  • Some studies also show that it can even help reduce pain.
  • Normally, when taken on its own, Mulungu bark can cause drowsiness. 

  • But when taken with a stimulant, such as green tea, the pleasurable feelings are enhanced and accompanied by increased mental clarity


  • Organic Grain Ethanol 
  • Structured Spring Water
  • Ethically Wild Harvested Mulungu erythrina bark
  • Bottled With Precision Dropper, 5 or 10 ml


High purity TPA liquid extract, made from Mulungu bark, in a 4:1 ratio. TPA means "Total Purified Alkaloids" and is not a simple extract. It is 4 times stronger than plain bark and can be used by

  • 1-3 single drops under the tongue
  • Or 3-5 drops in your juice or tea makes an excellent drink
  • As with all, start slow & low...everyone has a different constitution!


Mulungu has long been used by the indigenous peoples in the Amazon.

The leaves & bark of Mulungu are used in Brazilian traditional medicine as a...

  • sedative
  • when used with stimulants like green tea/coffee-people report -increased mental clarity
  • to calm an overexcited nervous system
  • to lower blood pressure & for
  • insomnia, anxiety & depression



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PriceFrom C$15.10

Many Amazonian🌴tribes also use MULUNGU for helping...

  1. asthma,
  2. bronchitis,
  3. hepatitis,
  4. inflammation of the liver and spleen,
  5. intermittent fevers, and to
  6. clear obstructions in the liver.

Not only is it good for aiding in stress, anxiety and the liver it can also be used to tonify the heart and may help regulate palpitations.