Mullein FLOWER~ Organic C/S

Mullein Flower- loose herb has Tremendous Medicinal Benefits- helps to cleanse,flush and detox the liver, all while keeping your Lungs/Respiratory System HEALTHY!


  1. Mullein is a bountiful plant, it grows in soils that are not very welcoming and it still blossoms beautifully giving us a sight to behold with many incredible benefits.
  2. For one thing, it’s incredibly relaxing, and it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, so much so, it has been used on painful joints, inflamed goiters and skin wounds.
  3. Medicine from mullein can be extracted and used practically for many conditions and the compounds could come from the leaves, flowers and/or root, but NOT the seeds.
  4. May Reduce Goiters --Mullein is a strong anti-inflammatory and has been studied for its effect in reducing glandular inflammation of the thyroid. This condition is sometimes termed a goiter, and could be related to iodine insufficiency.
  5. Helps Breathing-Leaves from mullein are helpful with lung congestion and mucus production. 
  6. Aids Urinary Incontinence-Mullein has this interesting effect that (over time) it can help strengthen bladder muscles, so in that regard, it could support healing of urinary incontinence and/or urgency. Research- on mullein shows that it can tone and strengthen the little sphincter at the base of the bladder. It’s called the “vesical trigone” sphincter and this area is extremely sensitive to expansion.


NOTE: Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Some people also experience contact dermatitis or the symptoms of a skin allergy when using this herb topically.

To avoid these side effects, it is best to apply a small amount of a topical remedy on a patch of skin and wait for 12-24 hours to see if there is any inflammation or redness.

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Mullein FLOWER~ Organic C/S

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...Consult your physician before use if taking any medications (including birth control), pregnant or nursing.

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