SAMPLE MEDICINAL PLANTS ~ Crazy Price (limited⏳time)


YOU GET...One half ounce (15grams) of each...

  1. Ginkgo leaves
  2. Motherwort
  3. Wild Lettuce
  4. Pau D’arco bark
  5. Ginseng (siberian)
  6. Elderberries
  7. Tumeric root (whole pieces)
  8. Calamus root
  9. Hops flowers
  10. Oatstraw


Also.... I'll add in some FREE Russian Black Salt (while supply lasts) & a SURPRISE Herb🎁

SAMPLE MEDICINAL PLANTS ~ Crazy Price (limited⏳time)

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C$24.22Sale Price

Experimenting is a great way to see what works for you...We'll even let you swap out 1 or 2 herbs!

Tell us which 2 you DON'T want & which 2 you want, in the....

📋NOTES for your order:)