LOW LIBIDO-Bach Flower Remedy-20ml

The Healing Combinations for Low Libido is a unique set of Bach Flower Essences specifically selected to help you increase your sex drive, sexual satisfaction and desire for sex.



  • How does it Work?

The natural Bach Flower Essences in this combination work together to increase your sexual desire and satisfaction. These essences help you quiet your mind and focus your mental and emotional self on your partner.


What Symptoms do they Relieve?
Low Libido is a natural combination of Bach Flowers designed to relieve these symptoms:

  1. Lack of sexual desire
  2. Lack of sexual satisfaction
  3. Aversion to sex
  4. Sadness regarding intercourse
  5. Low sex drive
  6. Lack of sexual confidence


Bach Flower Essences used:

  1. Crab Apple
  2. Hornbeam
  3. Larch
  4. White Chestnut and
  5. Wild Oat


...These essences will help you feel good about and enjoy sex.


  • When will I see Results?

The combination will start to work right away, however this may or may not be apparent to you. Some users report feeling better immediately, others were not even aware of the change but their lover noticed.



  • Are there any Side Effects?

Bach Flower Essences are not medicines in the traditional sense. They are energetic remedies that capture the essence of the flower that gives them their name. They work at the quantum level to help you mentally and emotionally engage in sex. There have never been, nor will there ever be, any side effects or allergies from the essences or the combinations we create from DR. BACH's Original Recipes :)


How Long will the Combination Last?

  • The combination comes in a 10ml bottle with a dropper.
  • To take the combination, you add four drops of the combination to a bottle of water or whatever you are drinking.
  • Take it as often as you need.
  • A single bottle will generally last for a month.


Why Should I Buy it?

  • No side effects: The unique  combination of Bach Flower Essences for Low Libido does not come with warnings or side effects of any kind... Unlike Big Phrama pills!
  • Far less expensive than purchasing the ingredients yourself-or buying, dangerous, crazy priced meds!

LOW LIBIDO-Bach Flower Remedy-20ml

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