Longan Berry

The more healthy gut bacteria we have, the more of this feel-good hormone we can create.When we don’t have enough healthy gut bacteria, we can't produce enough serotonin.


This can cause several nasty problems, including…

  1. ADHD
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiousness
  4. Mental obsessions
  5. Sleep cycle disturbances
  6. Sweet and starchy food cravings


On the positive side, there’s tremendous benefit in getting this right. And the key is in making better and healthier food choices.

And that’s why Longan Berry is so valuable.

The main benefits of Longan Berry is how it improves digestion. High in fiber and other various nutrients, it helps to promote a healthier intestine with better food absorption.


When you improve your gut health, you’ll notice many benefits, including...

  1. Clearer skin
  2. Higher energy levels
  3. Better thinking and enhanced memory
  4. Happier mood
  5. Stronger nails

Longan Berry also helps…

  1. Provide relief from headaches
  2. Promotes healthy blood circulation
  3. Supports relaxation
  4. Aids in weight loss due to appetite suppression
  5. Protects cells from damage due to its high antioxidant count


  • Contains 140% of your Vitamin C intake in each 100-gram serving (Oranges only provide 88%)
  • Supports healthy, regular bowel movements
  • The two most powerful benefits of Longan Berry is the boost in Vitamin C and healthy digestion, making this herb a great addition to your daily regimen and health arsenal.
  • A healthy gut means a better, sharper, mind and mood.

Longan Berry


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