Lily of the Valley C/S (Wild Harvested)  Convallaria majalis

Also Called: Jacob's Ladder, Male Lily, Our Lady's Tears, Ladder-to-Heaven, May Lily, Constancy

In Spiritual use.... Lily of the Valley is ruled by Mercury and Air.

An excellent herb for communication on all levels. It can also be used to boost and improve mental capacity and psychic ability.


Spiritual properties include:

  1. Soothing, calming, draws peace and tranquility, and repels negativity. Use for placement by your Alberta Ormus
  2. Assists in empowering happiness and mental powers. 
  3. Use in magical workings to stop harassment.
  4. Married couples should plant Lily of the Valley in their first garden to promote longevity of the marriage. 



  • Lily of the valley is supposed to protect gardens from evil spirits and is known to have been used as a charm against witches’ spells. 
  • It is also considered the flower of fairies, its tiny bells used as cups from which to drink.

Warning!!! Do not consume, this is toxic. Keep away from children and pets!

Lily of the Valley C/S (Wild Harvested) Convallaria majalis

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~Properties & Uses~
Lily of the Valley is used to improve memory and the mind. (See Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs for more).