Licorice Root-Cut & Sifted

Licorice Root Benefits Adrenal Fatigue & Leaky Gut


Adrenal fatigue
In spite of living in a relatively simple time in history, our society is plagued by environmental, physical and mental stress disorders. So many of us have sent our adrenal glands in overdrive, like we’re running from wooly mammoths when we’re really just dealing with a budget issue or a decision at work.

In the medical journal Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, licorice was found to help the body more efficiently regulate cortisol — the stress hormone — thus giving your adrenals a break. It turns out it’s one of the main adaptogen herbs to help improve stress response.

Licorice Root-Cut & Sifted

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Consuming too much licorice can cause high blood pressure, swelling, and heartbeat irregularity. Many modern licorice-flavored products mimic the natural flavors of licorice, but some are still made with glycyrrhizic acid.

Children as young as 10 years old have been hospitalized because of hypertension after ingesting too much licorice.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised by the FDA to avoid licorice in all forms. People with hypertension should also avoid licorice root.

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