• Experience a vast array of the world’s most remarkable ethnobotanicals!
  • Each pack includes kratom alternatives sourced from the best suppliers in the world.  


Buy the Pack, to TRY the Pack--See what works for YOU.


Contains 28 grams of Each Powder Xtract..

  • Muira Puama
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Bala
  • Catuaba


40 grams

  • Kava Root Powder


5 grams

  • Fermented Kanna Powder
  • Blue Lotus Powder
  • Chuchuhuasi 5X Xtract Powder

Kratom Alternatives~ Ethnobotanical Variety Bundle

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C$53.18Sale Price

As with anything moderation is key- & takingTOLERENCE BREAKS  while utlizing other plants is ALWAYS a good plan.

  • These alternatives to kratom have many of the
    SAME benefits/effects, so it’s an excellent chance to discover some NEW potent, SYNERGISTIC plants that have similar properties to mitragyna speciosa...and just EXPANDING YOUR HORIZONS, usually opens you up to many other experiences :)

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