Brown Betty MitraX~ 30:1

PREMIUM KRATOM LEAF-Full Spectrum-Multi Strain Kratom Resin Extract Powder, carefully crafted from the highest quality white, green & red vein Kratom powders. 


100% Natural Ingredients:

Mitraspec leaf, Organic Grain Ethanal. Re-Structured Spring Water, C. Acid.


**As with most of Kratom Xtracts--Please note powder has a tendency to clump back together due to the oily nature of it. This was ground to fine powder, if you get in a little clumps- just break apart.


FYI: Full Spectrum multi vein Kratom Resin; Resin is the same as extract or concentrate.

We take our premium white, green and red kratom leaf powders & then use 190 proof organic cane ethanol and slow extract for at least 90 days, then it's filtered for use in a commercial food grade press to pruge out every gr. @ 30,000lb's of pure force. A thick dark hued liquid extract is left and then the cane ethanal is reclaimed & evaporated at very low temperatures under vacuum pump technology. When this product is finished it is ground into the fine powder that is this product:)



Brown Betty MitraX~ 30:1

PriceFrom C$17.90