KOREAN RED GINSENG Drink   (Panax) 2x50ml Bottles!

This Korean Red Ginseng Drink is smooth, refreshing & ENERGISING, all with NO caffeine!

Use for general good health & vitality.


You get 2- 50ml🍾bottles (limited time offer)


Made from:

  • 100% 6 years grown Korean red ginseng✔
  • jujube dried fruit✔
  • spring water✔
  • cinnamon & ginger extracts✔


Korean red (panax) ginseng roots are some of the healthiest in the world picked from only top of the line beautiful fertile ginseng plants.


FURTHER Examination:

What does Ginseng do?

  1. The nutrients in ginseng work with the body to support, promote and maintain energy, stamina, endurance, stress-tolerance and stress-resistance, cognition, memory, mood, digestion, circulation, sex and adrenal hormones, immune function, sexual function, and healthy skin, joints and nails.
  2. Energy and Stress-Ginseng's constituents, such as B vitamins, ginsenosides, and germanium, support support energy production from food and the balancing of blood sugars after meals and all day for stable energy levels. Ginseng promotes stress-tolerance, greater work endurance and higher physical and mental performance. Choose Chinese and Korean panax ginseng for work and sports performance; and choose American ginseng for stress-tolerance and mental stamina.
  3. Digestion-Ginseng raises metabolism and promotes the digestion, absorption, and utilization of food, air, water and any other supplements taken with it. Every ginseng boosts digestion.
  4. Circulation-Ginseng constituents, such as certain ginsenosides, L-arginine, minerals, phenols and flavonoids, benefit blood circulation. These constituents help produce nitric oxide for vascular blood pressure and circulation performance benefits. All ginsengs enhance circulation, but pseudoginseng is the best. 
  5. Cognition, Memory and Mood-Ginseng constituents benefit both the brain and nervous system. In particular, ginsenosides promote cognition, memory, and increase well-being, mood and sociability. All ginsengs improve mental performance and sociability, especially American and wild panax ginseng.
  6. Hormones-Ginsenosides, being structurally similar to adrenal and sex hormones, support the production of adrenal hormones for stress tolerance and the production of sex hormones; including testosterone in males, and estrogen and progesterone balance in females. All ginsengs benefits hormones, but those highest in ginsenosides, such as American ginseng and Korean Heaven 10-20 grade panax ginseng, are the best choices.
  7. Sexual Enhancement-Sexual interest and performance is enhanced with ginseng. Combining the feel-good and aphrodisiac benefits with the circulation and nerve benefits yields a prime sex tonic for sexually active people. Physical performance is facilitated by better nerve sensitivity and better pelvic circulation in women, and healthier erection blood-flow and rigidity in men. Any ginseng will assist sexual performance and interest.
  8. Immune Function-Ginseng contains polysaccharides and the trace mineral germanium that support the strength of the immune system. All ginsengs benefit immunity.
  9. Skin, Joint and Nail Health-Ginseng supports better protein digestion and metabolism which assists the growth and development of protein structures in the body that require collagen, such as the skin, nails and joints. Any ginseng will benefit digestion and protein assimilation.

KOREAN RED GINSENG Drink (Panax) 2x50ml Bottles!

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Your body will thank you for it❣

  1. Ginseng has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese and Native Americans.
  2. Energy is its most common usage, namely, re-energizing weak and fatigued bodies and minds.
  3. Ginseng also promotes efficient digestion and hormone production, in order to strengthen the body, so it can endure mental and physical stress.
  4. All varieties of ginseng work similarly due to the ginsenosides within them.
  5. These are plant sterols which are very similar in structure to cholesterol and to human adrenal and sex hormones.

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