Klip Dagga~Hawaiian Wild Dagga Buds-Wild Dagga Leaf

Leonotis nepetaefolia (Klip Dagga, Lion’s Ear) Flower Petals:

  • Dagga is a close relative to the famous Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus).
  • Both have BEAUTIFUL LUSH petals, orange-red in color. 

We also have WILD Dagga BUDS & WILD Dagga LEAF (no petals)


Found in Tropical Africa, India & also found in Hawaii where this special variety of Leonotis nepetefolia grows.


  1. Most species of Leonotis have traditional medicial uses.
  2. Tribesmen used the buds, petals and the leaves.
  3. This plant is sometimes subsumed under the name kanna (see Sceletium tortuosum).


Recently, this plant raised high interest from the Hawaiian people for its....

  1. relaxing,
  2. anti-depression, and
  3. euphoric properties

.....as well as to help with liver, stomach & also skin problems.

Klip Dagga~Hawaiian Wild Dagga Buds-Wild Dagga Leaf

PriceFrom C$11.24

This item is just the pretty orange flower petals, they are considered the MOST BENEFICIAL part of the plant....being extremely laborious to collect")