KOKO KAVA~Powder 25Xtract

Do you Love Kava Kava, but wish it gave an extra kick of ENERGY?

Then Try our KOKO-KAVA! & Remember it's a concentrate, so only a little is needed ;)


  1. PAIN RE-LEAF from KAVA KAVA Vanuatu Gold Root, thanks to its kavalactone compounds🧐 found in Kava's roots. PLUS ANTI-ANXIETY PROPERTIES.
  2. ENERGY INPUT from CACAO beans 25X EXTRACT thanks the full sprectrum process of getting the 💕good out of the cocao bean


The gold🏺label kava kava is kiln dried indoors and the roots are 5-7 years old to insure a high level of alkaloids. 



The chemical compounds found in kava are believed to have anxiolytic, analgesic, muscle-relaxing and anticonvulsant effects, mediated by effects on the limbic system, the part of the brain linked to emotions. Research has demonstrated that several factors, including concentration, type of preparation, kava pyrone content and kava variety used may affect medicinal activity.


  • Some studies into the effects of kava on the brain demonstrate that potentially, kava can benefit people who suffer from social anxiety and stress by calming them in a way similar to benzodiazepine medications such as Valium or Ativan, although we would never compare a natural dietary supplement’s effects to any prescription medication.


While kavalactones (the class of active compounds in kava) reportedly affect the same pathways in the brain as Valium, kavalactones do not seem to impair your ability to think and reason clearly, nor do they make you drowsy if a small amount is taken. In clinical studies, about 70 to 210 mg of kava seem to be effective against social and general anxiety, while between 60-150 mg can help people overcome persistent insomnia.


  • However, since one of the side effects of kava can be slight impairment of coordination and drowsiness at higher doses, we do recommend that you refrain from driving after taking kava in any form. 



Kava for the treatment of generalised anxiety disorder (K-GAD): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.


Kava Is an Effective and Safe Treatment of Anxiety

Many research studies confirm the anti-anxiety benefits of Kava

KOKO KAVA~Powder 25Xtract

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