Here is the ancient Ayurvedic secret of Higher Cognition, the...


Intellect Tree/Jyotishmati (Celastrus paniculatus). 


As you can see from the above image, the seeds of this tree are truly one of the strangest things found in nature - looking, for the most part like some kind of miniature fungal brain!


  • This is a nootropic powerhouse, high in antioxidants and was used traditionally to improve brain COGNITION/intelligence, and also for digestive issues, a connection which accords with modern theories of gut brain interaction.


  1. Studies show protection against dna stress.
  2. The studies indicate that C. paniculatus protects against antiradicals and DNA cleavage protectors has this miracle plant hailed as a nootropic or nootriment.


As stated....Celastrus seeds (what we use in this extract) and Celastrus Seed Oil are considered nootropics – Meaning that they specifically act on the brain in a way which helps cognitive performance. Not only can these seeds help to sharpen the memory, but also they can help one’s consciousness to become more aware and lucid.


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Celastrus seeds are a profound Cognitive Enhancer and are effective in aiding Memory Recall. AS TO THE SEEDS THEMSELVES.... FYI:

The common amount that people eat per serving is 10-15 seeds. SUGGESTED is 13 seeds, as this is the number which represents completion and renewal.

Though as with any plant, it is always good to start with a very small amount to see how your body is going to react. It is a good idea to try eating 1-5 seeds for your first time, in case your body is particularly sensitive to the effects.