FATIGUE-OFF ~ 💣Dragon Power Powdered Drink

💫Energize Your Day while Building Your Inner Strength with F-OFF!


  • Nourish your BODY~While Feeding your BRAIN
  • This Fatigue Vanquishing blend consists of ...
  • The TOP adaptogens, that can help the body stay balanced...while fending off FATIGUE
  • Make these Body & Brain nurturing, Chinese & Western plants a daily part of your routine!


With a BASE of ORGANIC BLACK TEA POWDER~the following are added....



✔Gotu Kola


✔American Ginseng

✔Ginko Biloba

✔Taurine (Plant Amino Acid)

✔Mucuna pruriens



✔Chuchuhuasi-5x extract

✔Raw Cacao-25x extract

✔Cinnamon, Ginger & Stevia Leaf are also added

🌿All Ingredients are Organic Plant Materials🌿

✔ HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO SUGARY 🍹DRINKS: UN-processed and free of additives tea beverage, with antioxidants GALORE!
✔ SIMPLE TO MAKE: Just add TO A SMOOTHIE-- water (hot or cold), stir till dissolved.

✔✔SHAKING IN A CONTAINER WITH A LID-- IS BETTER, and drink as is or pour over ice for an iced tea beverage. Now, you may have a bit of "residual matter" undisolved--but not much, remember, this blend is ALL Natural--NOT processed--as Mother Nature Intended!

FATIGUE-OFF ~ 💣Dragon Power Powdered Drink

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  • 1-2 Tablespoons in water,🥃 juice, tea or smoothie.
  • Shake or stir WELL.

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