MISS TEA IT ALL ~ Loose Tea Blend

When the do It ALL's need to --Take it down a notch..



Calming, soothing nervines like

  • Passionflower & 
  • Skullcap

are paired with the adaptogenic herbs... 

  • Holy Basil

The Beloved Plant~Holy Basil has been used for 1000's of years in India for a variety of issues. 
It is best known today for restoring the body and mind to a natural sense of wellbeing while balancing our body’s response to stress.

  • Calamus ~&~ Bacopa

are renowned plants from the South Pacific, they are traditionally used to reduce anxiety-- they have been used for centuries to help reduce nervousness and bring a sense of calm~Calamus is a potent nootropic herb. Its root (rhizome) is used in ayurvedic medicine for improving memory, cognition, intelligence, voice, and other mental abilities.

  • Rose bring feelings of ease to the heart, while
  • Fennel relieves the mild digestive symptoms associated with anxiety.
  • A hint of citrus and cinnamon tie everything together and add a little extra spark.

MISS TEA IT ALL ~ Loose Tea Blend

PriceFrom C$10.11

 ...are used in this blend--to create a balanced Tea that helps reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and a bad mood, all while promoting a sustained calm, so you can get things done!