HAPPY HOUR P̅L̅U̅S̅ ~ Organic Herbal Extract

This is Herbal Extract utilizes organic...

  1. 70% Borneo Kratom Leaf
  2. 15% Ginseng (siberian)
  3. 15% Myrrh
  • Super concentrated liquid extract: dry material / medium to extract ratio is 1:3!


Ginseng: Less Stress & Better Brain Function-

Proven Ginseng Benefits:
1. Improves Mood and Reduces Stress

2. Improves Brain Function

3. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

4. May Help with Weight Loss

5. MUCH more....

Ginseng Studies:





  • Myrrh’s antiseptic properties help treat gingivitis and loose teeth, as well as help get rid of bad breath or halitosis...as well as help get rid of bad breath or halitosis.

More interestingly, there is some evidence that myrrh might be toxic to cancer cells.
For instance, a study published in 2013 tested compounds derived from myrrh in the laboratory. The researchers found that the compounds inhibited the proliferation of prostate cancer cells.

Sesquiterpenoids are compounds widely found in plants and animals. They often function as defensive chemicals or pheromones. The researchers found that these compounds inhibited androgen receptor signaling — a mechanism that supports the growth and migration of prostate cancer.

The authors conclude that “sesquiterpenoids could be developed as novel therapeutic agents for treating prostate cancer.”


More on Myrrh--Antibiotic in Myrrh from Commiphora molmol preferentially kills nongrowing bacteria

HAPPY HOUR P̅L̅U̅S̅ ~ Organic Herbal Extract

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