Ginseng 🍾Essential Oil (Panax ginseng)

Aromatic Scent: Ginseng oil is an aromatic, subtle spice from the orient that is green and herbal in scent. The aroma is similar to Sweet Tea leaves.
Ginseng essential oil can be used for massage, facial care, perfume and relaxing purpose.


I use on the bottom of my feet and big toe-read #4


The most effective place to put essential oils on your body are the soles of your feet! Here are five reasons why you should get rubbing essential oils on your feet, ASAP.


1. Essential oils act faster and more efficiently
The soles of our feet have much larger pores than the rest of our body. 
This means they act a little like oversized straws, sucking up the health-giving 
compounds in the oils and quickly feeding them into our bloodstream.
..... when applied to the larger pores of your foot soles, these oils can pass through the epidermis into your body and begin working their magic faster and more efficiently.


2. The skin is less sensitive
Essential Oils For Feet-Purely because the bottom of our feet are designed to take their fair share of abuse, the skin on this area of our 
bodies is much less sensitive. This means that many people who might experience irritation when they apply certain 
essential oils to other parts of their body often don’t have any issues when they apply the same oils to their feet.

The lower sensitivity of the skin on your soles means you can often apply essential oils undiluted. It also makes a great location to apply oils like ginger or peppermint, which can sometimes cause issues for people elsewhere.


3. Feet soles don’t contain sebaceous glands
Along with the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet are the only part of your body which don’t contain sebaceous glands. Sebum essentially acts as a barrier. For this reason, it can act as an impediment to the essential 
oils which you want to absorb into your body. The absence of sebum on the soles of your feet means they are the perfect place to apply essential oils.

Feet and reflexology
According to the ancient practice of reflexology, every nerve line in the body ends in your feet. Specialists in reflexology maintain that certain areas of the feet correspond to the body’s organs. Thus by applying essential oils 
to your feet, it’s possible that these oils may have a stronger, more beneficial effect on certain areas of the body.


5. Spiritual connection to the earth
While this one is hard to put a scientific spin on, it’s not all about the numbers and figures! Historically, the feet have been venerated by ancient cultures as an important part of the body in spiritual practices. Much of this comes from 
a recognition that our feet are our connection to the Earth, rooting us in the biosphere and encapsulating our energetic links to Mother Earth.... What better place, then, to put essential oils?

Ginseng 🍾Essential Oil (Panax ginseng)


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