The Best Gift from the Holy Land

THIS IS MY GIFT TO YOU..please just leave a note in your order:)


This authentic package with Holy Land Soil is straight from Jerusalem....from a lovely company that supplies many, many Churchs/Believers with supplies.


  • The Holy Soil, will give an opportunity to touch the holy places and to feel their miraculous power.
  • In addition, if you mix it with the earth on the graves of your deceased relatives, this will help to rest their souls.


This lovely package includes:

  2. Bethlehem olive tree leaf from Gethsemane garden
  3. A wooden cross, the symbol of faith, will give you a blessing and protect you from evil. 
  4. Also, the certificate of authenticity is in a few languages.

The Best Gift from the Holy Land


...close by me, in a cerimonial dish, so I can touch, feel the sand in my hand-it gives me faith and makes me feel closer to GOD:)