Galangal Root C/S ORGANIC
  • Galangal root is a spice native to Southern Asia.
  • It’s closely related to ginger and turmeric and has been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.
  • The word galangal refers to the root of several plants of the Zingiberaceae family.
  • Similar to ginger and turmeric, galangal can be eaten fresh or cooked and is a popular addition to many Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Thai dishes.


  1. This spice is also used to improve certain ailments, as it’s believed to help treat infections, reduce inflammation, boost male fertility, and even fight different types of cancer
  2. Rich in antioxidants
  3. May fight inflammation and pain
  4. May fight inflammation and pain



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Galangal Root C/S ORGANIC

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