FENNEL SEED CANDI~Mouth Freshening Mukhwas

You and your tummy will LOVE 🍬Fennel Seed Candi -- Why?


  • Fennel is a great after meal digestive & breath mint and with the hard candy shell, tastes great too! You will find at most Indian Restaurants
  • Fennel has been used as a medicinal and culinary herb since the times of the ancient Greeks. For those who have trouble with poor digestion, gas, belching, and bloating, a simple cup of fennel tea or a few of these tasty candies, after a heavy meal can be the simplest and most effective remedy. Fennel also reduces bad breath and acts as an antibacterial in the mouth.
  • One of the most common applications of fennel is to treat heartburn. Drinking a single cup of tea or chewing fennel seeds when you start feeling the symptoms of indigestion can ease the pain and burning. Several users have said that they were able to get off antacids or proton pump inhibitors by drinking fennel tea.

NOTE: These are approved colors, and vegan, unlike many others which use a chemical process. Therefore the color of the seeds may be different than appearing in the picture.

It depends on the natural process and colors available during each season.



  1. PINK Fennel: fennel, cane sugar, menthol, natural food coloring.
  2. GREEN Mukhwas: fennel, sesame, coriander, cane sugar,natural food coloring.

FENNEL SEED CANDI~Mouth Freshening Mukhwas

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Often placed near the exit of an Indian restaurant are the lovely multi-colored sweets you get after your meal. These are coated fennel seeds which have a sweet, almost licorice like taste. Think of “Good & Plenty” candy… The combination of the aniseed tasting fennel seed, menthol, and the candy coating really refreshes the mouth after a rich meal or for an upset stomach-.

  • Chewing fennel seeds after a meal is a common practice in India.
  • They aid in digestion and also freshen the breath.