This SUPER Power Blend uses FOUR super strains to enhance clarity and motivation. Its uplifting profile offers a balance between contentment and happiness while providing energy for both body and mind!


***THEN the Ayurvedic herb SHILAJIT with a bit of Watercress is blended in...


  • Shilajit is considered to be an Ayurvedic herb, as it is a potent mineral supplement, whereas other companies sell more of a fulvic acid concentrate.Shilajit Powder is a cold water extract, it sustains all of the organic and ionic dietary minerals, trace minerals, and ultra trace minerals.


Possible Benefits fromShilajit- THE KING OF HERBS - MAGIC FROM THE MOUNTAINS


  • Anti-inflammatory/strengthens immune system
  • Decreases pain and helps injuries
  • Decreases stressIncreases libido and sexual function (via nitric acid)Increases physical strength and endurance
  • Promotes longevity
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Strengthens nervous system
  • Pre-workout energy/Post-workout recovery
  • Improves concentration, focus and memory
  • Contains fulvic and humic acids and at least 85 ionic minerals
  • Blood, liver and kidney detoxifier
  • Supports metabolism and weight management
  • Anti-anxiety, anti-depression
  • Improves feelings of peace and well-being
  • Improves effects when taken with other herbs/supplements such as Kratom


PriceFrom C$11.33
  1. Super Green Maeng Da
  2. Super Gold Maeng Da
  3. Super White Maeng Da
  4. Super Red Benny
  • SHILAJIT--an Ayurvedic herb
  • WATERCRESS-a little known POTENTIATOR for Kratom :)