This lovingly crafted herbal formula will help you to relax into a deep sleep and stay asleep throughout the night...A blending of plants to calm the mind and relax tense muscles...while inducing vivid dreams.

An all natural 💤 sleep aid for lucid dreaming or simply experimenting with the dream world!



Mugwort promotes prophetic dreams & psychic powers... If you are one that can not remember your dreams, mugwort can help you recollect information received during sleep. Not only that, but it can help people that dream in black & white, to dream in COLOR- and can assist you in engaging other senses, like smell, taste or sound.


Damiana is used to produce visions and helps in remembering dreams. It relaxes the body and mind, promoting good sleep.


California Poppy As passionflower below... California poppy will quiet down your mind.. help with the relaxation of your body. As you may know...tension within the body can keep people awake at night. This plant helps relax tight muscles, becuase your whole body needs to be relaxed to enter the desired dream state.

Rosemary is EXCELLENT for people who just can't remember their dreams! It contains well known memory enhancing effects, that assist with dream recall.


Blue Lotus is calming & relaxing. Helping you to decompress your nervous system inturn... enhances deep dreaming... highly renowned in ancient times, it has a subtle psychoactive effect that induces feelings of tranquility and euphoria.


Passionflower is a nervine herb that will relax your nervous system so your body can start to relax at when you need it to.... An often called upon plant for people that need assistance in turning off their mind at the end of a busy day. Helping you to "quiet your mind" as you are drifting off to sleep-which is an important aspect for lucid dreaming.


Dream Herb (Calea Zacatechichi) also known as the leaf of god, “Dream herb” or the Mexican dream herb. Since locals were using it as a method of dream prophecy, the shamans would smoke it or drink a tea made from its leaves before going to sleep. It is known as a powerful hallucinogen which is also able to stimulate and to increase our dreams. This plant is used for a variety of reasons, such as:– to induce more dreams – better sleep– mental enhancement – help with dream recall – prolongs your dreams.


Interestingly, studies proved that the herb can increase dream recall, clarity, and vividness, that’s why it is a perfect aid for anyone who wishes to learn how to lucid dream.


Rose’s soothing nature helps to calm the heart and relieves anxiety. It also aids in psychic abilities. It has been traditionally used for peace and relaxation, but also exhibits antidepressant, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, cleansing & hypnotic properties. The ethanolic, aqueous and chlorofomic extracts of the petals have a hypnotic effect. In in-vitro studies, it has shown effective results in inducing💤 sleep comparable to diazepam which is a drug used to calm muscles and reduce anxiety. The ethyl acetate extracted from the rose petals has shown the best hypnotic effect. The flavonoids and anxiolytic compounds present in the flower induce sound sleep. In fact, it is an old wives tale that rose🌹petals, if consumed before bedtime, can result in sweet dreams.


  • Do not shake please---instead...TAP the bottom of the bottle a few times.
  • Take, ONLY 3-4 days per week close to bedtime or your meditation.
  • Super concentrated liquid extract: dry material / medium to extract ratio is 1:3!


Other Ingredients:

  • Organic Grain Ethanol
  • Spring Water
  • Citric Acid


PriceFrom C$12.87

Take before bed. ➤Some results are immediate and some will take time.

Can be used as a sleep aid or a dream tonic. If you are someone who doesn't usually dream, this tincture can be a cool way to experiment in the realms of the dream world!

If you are someone who already has lucid dreaming, use this to help deepen & strengthen your experiences!

TIP: Other nutrients that can help you fall asleep are magnesium powder and B vitamins. People with sleep issues are often deficient in magnesium and can benefit from taking a magnesium in the evening.

CAUTION: If you are used to taking or STILL taking...

☠ Big Pharma sleeping💊 pills, this elixer may not work for you, and we reccomend NOT to use our LUCID SLEEP, until you are not letting these meds rule your life.

➤As always, check with your practioner before starting any new supplement