DRAGON'S BLOOD~Sangre de Grado

Did You Just Say Dragon’s Blood?


SURE DID! No, dragon’s blood (also known as Draconis Palm), is not something you find on a hollywood set. Instead, dragon’s blood is bright red sticky secretion, rich in chemical properties, that is obtained from the fruit of a tree called Daemonorops draco. The tree is primarily found in the tropics of southeastern Asia and southern China as well as the Himalayas.


  1. Research has found that dragon’s blood can help to improve wound healing
  2. Many use it for cleansing a space or to banish negativity.
  3. This dark, blood-red resin is associated with the element of fire and the planet Mars. Used for protection, courage, and to gain power.



  1. Dragon’s Blood-helps to replenish dry and damaged skin
  2. Dragon's Blood has very beneficial effects on wound healing
  3. Dragon’s Blood-has proven Anti-Aging properties
  4. Dragon's blood-has been used by the Indigenous Tribes of Peru for Centuries, as an external healing agent for scrapes, bites, wounds, stings, rashes, and other skin problems


  • Imported directly from Peru in small batches to ensure freshness
  • Ethically & sustainably harvested from MATURED AND FALLEN TREES
  • Many uses-both externally & internally
  • Long history of being used for you and your pets safely


Dragon's blood is a chock-full storehouse of phytochemicals including proanthocyanidins (antioxidants), diterpenes, phytosterols, simple phenols, and biologically active alkaloids and lignans. The most well-known active components in dragon's blood are an alkaloid named apsine and a lignan named dimethylcedrusine. Tapsine has been documented to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing actions, and when combined with the proanthocyanidins, also shows anti-viral activities.


  • And remember...Our Dragon's blood is extracted via renewable methods to protect both plant and environment. 



Dragon's Blood: Botany, Chemistry and Therapeutic Uses



Review of Future Insights of Dragon's Blood in Dermatology 


DRAGON'S BLOOD~Sangre de Grado

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Due in part to its historical ability to be used to improve blood’s circulation and hinder inflammation, the application of dragon’s blood to the skin may be able to soothe pain or discomfort caused by internal or external aggressors with further research. Its phytochemical constitution allows for it to be utilized in various forms, from antioxidative to antifungal. There are currently studies under way researching how differently-sourced dragon’s blood effect the skin and to test just how versatile this ingredient is.


Where skin is concerned, based on studies it is theorized that dragon’s blood may be able to been applied to wounds and insect bites and any other uncomfortable sensations on skin, however further research and data is needed to support its use.

Modern research has confirmed many of the indigenous uses of this powerful plant. As a sustainable rainforest resource, dragon's blood may one day be universally adopted to serve a broad spectrum of applications, not only as an external healing agent for scrapes, bites, wounds, stings, rashes, and skin problems, but also as an internal therapy for gastrointesinal disorders and viral diseases. Perhaps dragon's blood is deserving of those mythical attributions after all.