Activate the essences by tapping, stirring or shaking (this is known as succussing)


  • Keywords: Cleansing, poor self image, sense of not being clean, obsessive, poor self image
  • Human indication:  When you feel unclean or have a hard time accepting your own self image.
  • Cleansing: Use externally on ringworm, rashes and warts.


Those in an intense positive Crab Apple state are often healers - able to absorb, filter, and transform dark forces and blocked energies in others. People with that kind of energy are rare, but all persons in the positive Crab Apple state can share positive energies with those around them.


Bach flower Crab Apple helps guard against:

  1. Being obsessive and overtly perfectionist 
  2. Fixating on details 
  3. Impure feelings 
  4. Urge for cleanliness 
  5. Excessive goals for purity 


On the physical level, Crab Apple, often combined with Pine, has long been used to treat skin disorders. It can be added to bath water or used as a compress.

Combined with lotion, it is often used to treat wounds.

Some Bach Flower Remedy practitioners recommend Crab Apple to aid in recovery from an incipient cold, or to counter-act the side effects of pharmaceuticals.


It is also recommended to overcome the effects of a hangover.


How should flower essences be taken?

For chronic problems, flower essences should be taken 4 times per day - including upon awakening and at bedtime. You need only 4 drops under the tongue each time.

For immediate effect in crisis situations, take 4 drops as needed, but not less than 8 drops per day. Alternatively, you can add 6 drops to a cup of mineral water and sip throughout the day.

Babies and pets can be treated by placing the drops in water as above.
Flower Essences should be taken on an empty stomach - at least 30-60 minutes before or after eating. Therefore , it is not advisable to add the drops to food.

· A Homeopathic Remedy
· Contains 27% Alcohol

CRAB APPLE-Bach Flower Remedy

  • “This is the remedy of cleansing. For those who feel as if they have something not quite clean about themselves. Often it is something of apparently little importance, in others there may be more serious disease which is almost disregarded compared to the one thing on which they concentrate.

    In both types they are anxious to be free from the one particular thing which is greatest in their minds and which seems so essential to them that it should be cured. They become despondent if treatment fails. Being a cleanser, this remedy purifies wounds if the patient has reason to believe that some poison has entered which must be drawn out.” – Dr. Edward Bach   

  • ....Crab Apple is one of the most interesting of the Bach Flower Essences, because it is used to treat both the inner and the outer self. Individuals in the negative Crab Apple State are focused so intently on order, purity, and perfection within themselves and their immediate environment, that they are quite often unable to see the larger picture.

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