Comfort ReLEAF

COMFORT RELEAF TINCTURE---Utilizing the plants..


Blue Vervain-Blue vervain is used to treat depression and headaches-This herb offers emotional and physical support to the nervous system and female reproductive system. Encourages balance for women experiencing PMS and menopausal stress.


Skullcap-American skullcap is a very special herb that nourishes and strengthens the nervous system, relaxes the musculoskeletal system and digestive system, eases menstrual and menopausal stress, and promotes restful sleep.


Yarrow-Yarrow is both an anti-inflammatory as well as being antimicrobial. It reduces pain, is an anti-catarrhal, relaxes circulation, and can be a mild sedative, too. The anti-inflammatory properties of yarrow are thought to be helpful for dull, pounding headaches or migraines that seem to drag on.


Comfort ReLEAF


Safety Consideration: Pregnant women avoid YARROW

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