HAPPY BUDDHA ~ Loose Tea Blend

3 HEALING MEDIUMS blended in perfect harmony; MEDICINAL TEA~CBD~KRATOM 


We have taken all of the benefits that come with....

  1. 100% THC-Free~Broad Spectrum CBD isolate
  2. Dried Leaves (red & green) of the Kratom Tree
  3. then combined them, with our
  4. Medicinal Plants "Rose Tea" Blend


Resulting in one of the most soothing brews you'll ever sip on....specially formulated to not only

  • Calm the body, but
  • Your mind also


Secondary Ingredients:

Calming, soothing nervines like...

  1. Passionflower 
  2. Wild Lettuce
  3. Perrywinkle
  4. Bacopa

are then paired with the MAIN plants... 

  1. Red & Green Dried Kratom Leaf
  2. CBD Isolate
  3. Caffiene Free-Rose Tea Blend
  • FYI~Because CBD is known to absorb best with a little dietary fat, we has also added in some 

    MCT oil (powdered)


This Medicinal Tea blend has been shown to....

  1. Reduce anxiety
  2. Help reduce nervousness
  3. Bring a sense of calm~and
  4. Relax your muscles/body


CBD-15mg | No caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.

As ALWAYS~Please check with your Doctor before using any Medicinal Teas ")

HAPPY BUDDHA ~ Loose Tea Blend

PriceFrom C$13.51

 ...are used in this blend--to create a balanced Tea that helps reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and a bad mood, all while promoting a sustained calm, so you can get things done!