Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Flower remedies, like other forms of natural medicine, treat the individual, not the disease or the symptoms of a disease. They work specifically on the emotional condition of the person concerned. The remedies do not suppress negative attitudes, but help transform them into positive ones, stimulating one's own potential for self-healing.


Many of us eat mindlessly to feed our feelings instead of our body. 75% of overeating is triggered by our emotions – depression, stress, or even boredom can trigger compulsive eating.


This convenient kit contains three remedies to help you deal with emotional eating:

  1. Cherry Plum will allow you to stay in calm control, even when you feel like grabbing a second serving or extra cookies.
  2. Crab Apple, the cleansing remedy, will help you feel better about yourself and your body, especially when you feel embarrassed by your tight clothes or disgusted over how you have misused food in the past.
  3. Chestnut Bud can help you change negative behavior patterns, making you more self-observant so you can notice what changes you need to make to break the cycle of overeating and dieting for good.


How to use the Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit:


  • Take 2-4 drops of each remedy straight from the bottle or diluted into distilled water, 4 times per day-Sip this mixture at intervals throught-out your day. Once taken--follow by a few deep breaths.Take time to feel the energy--recognizing how it affects you. Keep focusing on your intention.
  • ALWAYS Take BESK with a CLEAR intention.
  • Create your personal combo by mixing the 3 remedies, and other Bach Flower Remedies you use (you can use up to 7 Flower Remedies at once)
  • Add 10 drops of each chosen remedy to a 30ml dropper bottle or Mini spray bottle-then use one dropper full under the tounge, it's portable and can be used ~for Emergency Situations:)
  • Keep a bottle at home and take one with you :)


-Alternatively, the remedies can be rubbed onto the lips, behind the ears or on the temples and wrists.

If you find other reasons for your emotional eating, other Bach Original Flower Remedies may apply.

You may combine up to 7 remedies in your personal combination.

Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit

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3 Pack

1. Cherry Plum flower remedy can help you avoid stress eating and remain calm. 


Elm is another remedy to consider when you are feeling overwhelmed. If you blame yourself or feel guilty, consider pine.

⭐White Chestnut is a good remedy choice if you are dealing with obsessive thoughts or ideas.


2. Chestut Bud..can help you break those habits, conscious or unconscious, that make weight loss difficult. This remedy may be especially helpful if you tend to eat mindlessly.


Clematis is another remedy that improves self-awareness.


3. Crab apple can help improve your feelings of self-worth. It is reputed to regulate mood swings, which may lessen the likelihood of emotional eating. Crab apple is one of three remedies included in the Bach Flower Essences Support Kit for Emotional Eating


Cerato is another remedy that improves your confidence in your judgment and abilities, while larch is a good choice as well.
Gentian can help you if you are feeling discouraged, while
Gorse may help you if you feel ready to give up.

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