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Calamus roots are considered as ‘wonder drugs’. Their oil contents are sedative and hypotensive. They can also be used as tranquilizers.

The primary benefits of this herbal remedy are: curing anxiety; acting as laxative and diuretic; and fighting the side effects of hallucinogenic drugs such as dizziness and disorientation.


Calamus is known as Vacha, which means “voice” in Sanskrit, because of its ability to improve the clarity of and sustain the voice, in singers and people giving long lectures, and also the more esoteric sense of the voice – the 5th chakra: our ability to determine what’s true and false, decide what ideals are ours and which are not, and speak decisively and clearly what our needs and truths are. Doing this requires a keen mind, discernment, and alignment with some truth higher than the small self, all of which calamus helps with, according to traditional.


To be used in situations of functional neurological problems:

  • brain fog
  • difficulty concentrating
  • poor memory
  • inattention
  • depression, etc


Please note: all herbs can be dangerous or uncomfortable if taken without full knowledge of how to use them properly  Please get the advice of your doctor before taking calamus.


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Ayurvedic medicine. Ideally, we would have this level of mental balance, intellect, and understanding throughout life, and by both repairing our nervous system and maintaining it in a good state, calamus even acts as a brain rejuvenator and longevity medicine.

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