Premium M. Speciosa ground with Indonesian Green Coffee Beans!


3 Proprietary Blends (80/20) to choose from.....only ground when order is put in:)


  1. KICK-ASS>White Indo Kratom + Green (roasted) Indonesian Coffee Beans
  2. WISE-ASS>Green Sumatra Kratom + Green Sumatran Coffee Beans
  3. HALF-ASS'd>Red Vietnam Kratom + Green (de-caffiented) Vietnamese Coffee Beans


Did you know that Mytragyna Speciosa is in the same family as Coffee? 

Well, the same farmers that pick the kratom leaves used, are the farmers that we source the coffee beans from...


  1. You can use this blend like you usually do OR 
  2. Brew & drink like your coffee!


  • People say...boosts in energy & easing of joint/muscle pain is experienced.
  • We bet you'll love the taste, as well as the energy-boosting effects most experience.




Just brew, sip and enjoy, and remember, adding a squirt of lemon will bring out the medicinal compounds even more:)



  1. Be sure your water is hot, but NOT boiling, when brewing. A perfect water temperature when brewing coffee is some where between 195 -205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. When brewing in this temp. range, there will be no denaturing any of the sought after alkaloids in each plant.


PriceFrom C$17.16

Kratom in the coffee Rubiaceae family...

  1. The coffee (coffea) plant &
  2. The (mitragyna speciosa) the kratom plant, are members of the same family of flowering plants called Rubiaceae.

... In general botanic terms, THE Rubiaceae FAMILY, is made up of a wide & omnipresent scope of trees, one such tree is....

🌳THE KRATOM (mitragyna speciosa) TREE.

Along with kratom & coffee, the wondrous Rubiaceae family includes many other plants that provide us with merit...medicinally!

  • Look at Quinine, which has been used to treat malaria & VIRAL INFECTIONS, this compound is found in the bark of Cinchona plant –– a genus of Rubiaceae.

Beside their shared botanical families, the kratom and coffee plants BOTH...

  • Live & thrive in hotter, moist climates &
  • Are indigenous in the regions of Asia.

But the psychoactive rundowns of both these plants provides for some stark differences...

  1. Caffeine is the main alkaloid present in coffee and is responsible for coffee’s stimulating properties.
  2. Other, less concentrated alkaloids such as theophylline and theobromine exist in coffee beans but aren’t considered as effective as caffeine.

By contrast, Kratom has a much more varied lineup, if you will, of MEDICINAL properties. Such as the 25 alkaloids that have been identified, like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which are thought to be the leading force in the kratom plant’s most well-known, well-loved effects & benefits!

So really, the comparing of these 2  is more between kratom and the caffeine in the coffee")