Agua De Kananga Agua De Florida~Genuine Peru Floral Waters


Comes in a Spray Bottle for you:) 2 sizes- 60ml or 120ml



  1. Agua De Kananga
  2. Agua De Florida
  3. A Mix of the 2


📣Dont be reckless with the kananga water.

When they say spirits are attracted to this stuff they are not joking.


EXPERIENCE the delight of Peruvien Floral Waters

  • Organic, Handcrafted, Full Moon Charged~
  • Refreshing citrus & floras, with incredible cleansing properties.
  • Ingredients: Full Moon Charged Spring Water, Grain alcohol, Ylang Ylang flowers, Dead Sea Salts (celtic), Rosemary, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mentha spicate, Witch Hazel, Cassia buds.

Kananga Water is based on a foundation of the essential oil of Ylang Ylang. Plantations for producing Kananga Water were established by the British in Jamaica in the 19th century. Kananga Water, like Florida Water, is used in various rituals including spiritual cleaning, and appeasing ancestors.


Its use is particularly common among people of the African diaspora but has been used since the 1800s for...

  • spiritual purification ✞ blessings, and to 
  • communicate with ancestors
  • It is used in cleansing rituals for...
  • protection in the home and for family
  • it drives away THE BAD and NEGATIVE spiritual energies.


▶Leave a small 🥃glass bowl out as an offering to the dearly departed - or spray liberally in areas you want blessings & clarity-THIS ACT WILL help make peace with the dead, as well as to increase luck, business & prosperity. 


  • The fragrant aroma is well known to ATTRACT...."Beneficent spirits" adj.
  • "Beneficent" Meaning: adj.<<Characterized by or performing acts of kindness or charity. Producing benefit; beneficial. Doing or effecting good; performing acts of kindness and charity; marked by or resulting from good will.


Other Popular Uses For Florida Water

  • When blessing and cleansing a new home, mix Florida Water with  Basil and Rue herbs and anoint your floors, windows and doorways for protection, prosperity and luck.

Agua De Kananga Agua De Florida~Genuine Peru Floral Waters

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The spiritual water has a strong, sweet scent and is made primarily from the ylang ylang flower. The orange color of the water comes from its yellowish orange petals of the flowers. Suitable for both men and women, the powerful aroma can be used in a variety of ways.

Other Popular Uses For Florida Water

Florida Water can also be used to help ease aching muscles and soften ones skin before and after shaving. When suffering from sunburns and bug bites, dabbing a small amount of Florida Water on the affected spot can offer relief.

The invigorating citrus aroma of Florida Water makes it an excellent perfume or cologne. Its cooling properties are excellent for those in warm climates.

In use for centuries, this versatile product has certainly proven to be a useful staple in any home and in many magic and religious practices.