BeeMellow~ Kava Creamed Honey

TASTE straight out of this cute little jar or mix with hot water or even add to tea, coffee or toast!

  • Your Kava Honey comes in a clear glass jar with that old fashioned design, wide opening, silver screw top.


Comes with your choice of

  • Honey Stick
  • Glass Stick


A Delicious Synergistic Blend....

  1. Providing a Chill Relaxation while
  2. De-Stressing & added
  3. Nervous System Support



  • Kava Root (Vanuatu) promotes relaxation & a healthy stress response
  • Made with Organic Canadian RAW CREAMED HONEY
  • The honey does more than make the KAVA ROOT taste better, it acts as a Carrier & Delivers the KAVA HERB TO DEEPER TISSUES through the digestive process for IMPROVED ASSIMILATION
  • Because RAW HONEY is used, it is loaded with ENZYMES, PROTEINS, VITAMINS, and MINERALS which all work synergistically for you

BeeMellow~ Kava Creamed Honey

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CHOOSE Pacific Islanders to calm nerves & help with relaxation. Kava is a known mild sedative and can cause a slight numbing sensation when it comes in contact with the mouth and skin. There is a very interesting history that dates back almost 3000 years for kava and its use as a ceremonial herbal drink. Kava is used for stress, and anxiety and it is said to help with communication.