Bala: The Ultimate Ayurvedic Nervine Tonic:

I think It’s a well-known fact that almost everyone who reaches the age of 50 starts to experience, some kind of Pain.. knee pain, back pain, joint need to go on, you know what I mean!


Do you wake up & just consider your PAIN as a “normal” part of the ageing process?

Well....there is nothing normal about suffering from any pain day-in-day-out. While most will resort to

Big Pharma  Pills... there’s a MUCH better, more natural alternative you can try. WHAT IS IT??


One of MOTHER Nature’s biggest gifts to mankind, when it comes to retaining bone health:

🌱The Bala Herb.


BALA Health Benefits:

  1. Tones muscle tissue
  2. Promotes muscular comfort
  3. Reduces swelling
  4. Assists in healthy weight loss
  5. Strengthens and energizes the body
  6. Promotes the growth of thick and lustrous hair
  7. Encourages glowing skin
  8. Acts as a nervine tonic to calm the nervous system
  9. Relieves chest congestion, which is beneficial for those suffering from asthma or bronchitis
  10. Taken consistently, Bala reduces joint pain and other symptoms of arthritis or stiffness
  11. Increases fertility in women
  12. Increases sperm count and quality in men


Make Your Own Bala Tea...
a. Add 1 teaspoon of dried Bala or Bala powder to 2 cups of distilled water.
b. Boil, then simmer until the water gets reduced to half.
c. You can drink it hot or refrigerate if you wish to drink it later.



  • Joint Pain, Arthritis, Stiff, Joints, And Inflammation

You can prepare a paste using water and its fresh leaves or 1/2-1 teaspoon Bala powder, and apply externally to treat joint pains and reduce inflammation.


Boost Energy Levels And Promote Sexual Wellness...

  • A Bala decoction consumed along with milk, ghee, and sugar/honey can improve general health and promote sexual wellness. Conversely, you can chew the fresh leaves as a restorative tonic.


Hoarse Voice....

  • You can make a paste made from its root powder and mix it with honey. Consume and keep it in your mouth for some time for instant relief.


🍵Here are some VERY INTERESTING recipes to try with BALA!


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...Having been first mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit text, “Charaka Samhita,” this herb BALA, literally translated, means “strength” in Hindi.

This herb is known by various names such as Sida Cordifolia (Botanical name), Country Mallow (English name), and Kungyi/Barial (Hindi name). It is associated with the Hindu Goddess of eternal grace and beauty.

It has been used since ancient times to promote physical beauty and luster as well as supporting lung health and balancing vata dosha.

It is said that in ancient India, kings and queens would take bala in order to have an otherworldly appearance of beauty and strength and to increase the admiration of their kingdom. Today, bala is mostly used as treatment to soothe and support the muscular system.