MUCUNA PRURIENS POWDER ~ Organic (the velvet bean)

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Mucuna Pruriens....Western medicine uses a synthetic form of L-dopa to boost dopamine levels in Parkinson’s patients while Ayurvedic medicine is known to use Mucuna pruriens to treat Parkinson’s by increasing dopamine levels. Can a plant that has been used to make a novelty itching powder actually do wonders for serious health problems such as Parkinson’s disease? It actually appears the answer may be “yes”! Mucuna pruriens or velvet bean, has been shown to counter Parkinson symptoms and offer help for male infertility, nervous system disorders and more.


Mucuna pruriens May Help with ADHD
It’s well-known that dopamine is important for focus. In one study of 85 children and teenagers with ADHD, a combination of Mucuna pruriens with vitamins, minerals, and other supplements (vitamin C, calcium citrate, vitamin B6, folate, L-lysine, L-cysteine, and selenium) improved symptoms in 77% of the cases, which is better than conventional drugs-The protocol and supplement combination used in this study was envisioned to naturally increase serotonin and dopamine in the brain. 



MUCUNA PRURIENS POWDER ~ Organic (the velvet bean)

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➜Known as the dopa bean, this natural herbal supplement is an adaptogen used in Ayurvedic medicine that lowers stress, improves focus, boosts the libido and elevates mood. Mucuna pruriens contains high levels of naturally occurring L-dopa, which is the precursor to dopamine.